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Miscellaneous Musings

The world is filled with interesting people, places, and possibilities. It is an honor to be able to record and share them with you.

Remember, keep your eyes peeled, your mind open, and your heart tender. Then even hardship will widen your vistas, broaden your perspectives, and lighten your load.

Help make the world a better place!


Grandmother's Clock ~ Babysitting comes in many forms.

Hiking Alone in the Woods ~ A walk in my mother's shoes
The International Space Station ~ An inspiring accomplishment
Supervision or Freedom? ~ At what point does supervision turn into inhibition?
Guns ~ A lifelong love affair
Beatrice ~ A true story about a sad little girl
Bird Lessons ~ Can we learn good parenting from watching birds?

Living Without TV ~ There is much to gain from giving up TV
A Young Philosopher ~ Lessons from a five year old
25 Miles Per Hour ~ When you think about it, 25 mph is really very fast
Ruven ~ A simple story that could change the world
Santa's Special Elf ~ A Christmas surprise for Candy
The Fairy House ~ You too would believe in fairies if they lived in your neighborhood
Drive-In Movies ~ Who would have thought they would all go away?

Climate Change ~ In honor of the Climate March in New York City, 9/21/14
Monkey Island ~ I nearly drowned because of my brother, .... sort of
Barking ~ Another way to get kids to behave
Paradigms ~ What you think you see might not be there at all!
The Sissy Factor
~ In Oregon, even sissies can survive!
Marshmallow Memories ~ A sure fire way to deal with marshmallow burns
Strangers or Neighbors? ~ Our survival may depend on the fine art of smiling at strangers

Left Turns ~ A simple rule that might save your life
A Grandma's Fish Tale ~ An absolutely true fish story. I swear!
Christmas Ornaments ~ I am going to enjoy my ornaments for a whole year!
Juggling ~ How it feels to learn
My Mother's Stuffing Recipe ~ The perfect Thanksgiving food

My Garden Trillium ~ Yearly anticipation of rescued wildflowers
Inalienable Rights ~ Should we vote to see if you get them?
Walking the PCT ~ Our evolutionary imperative
Nature Mysteries ~ How to help young brains grow in curiosity and wonder
One of My Favorite Places ~ ...or, what I learned in the swimming pool locker room
Les Miserables ~ A story of redemption
Mary Poppins ~ Kind discipline takes into account the rules, choices, and consequences
Hiking Rules ~ Some common sense and ‘voice of experience’ hints
for a great backcountry experience
Carbon Footprints ~ How to better understand the threat to our planet
Washington Gets Recess? ~ How to deal with battles in a classroom and in Congress
Who is the Adult? ~ Even a child can tell the difference

"Good Job" ~ Even if you cut down one tree perfectly, you still are not an expert!
Is It Personal? ~ How not to take it personally when it is!
Touching Lives ~ How to walk through an emotional life
The Restroom Game ~ Where is the best restroom in town?
My Mother's Day ~ What my mother did not intend to teach me
Don't Argue With A Two-Year-Old ~ What is the real rule?
Calvin's Philosophy of Chores ~ You can't run away from a necessary chore

Morning Kiss ~ How to turn an everyday morning into a great day!
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day ~ A lesson in neutrality
Boba Fet ~ How Santa saved Christmas
Thankfulness ~ A Thanksgiving reminder
An Old Friend ~ Memories of A Fine Old Canoe
Living the Dark ~ How living in the dark can be illuminating
Future Terrorist Gallery ~ The war's toll on the children must be personal
Keep Your Eyes Open ~ Enhance your life with moments of glory
A Peeping Two Footed Boobie ~ A true story...
Halloween Visitor ~ Don't talk to my kids like that!
My Cat ~ A parable of school testing
Grandma ~ Thoughts from a new grandma
"Great" Grandma ~ Thoughts from a new grandmother
Sleeping By the Fire ~ Memories of Christmas
Violence ~ Violence begets violence and never makes a friend of an enemy


Last updated on November 6, 2015