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Travel Features

Travel with an artistic eye, simple taste, and a sketchbook.

Travel Features are provided on a one time or monthly basis. All manuscripts are 1500 words or less. New titles are added regularly. Photos are available.

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Canyon de Chelly
Timberline Trail, Mt. Hood ~ A trip of a lifetime
5 So. Fox ~ A trip down memory lane

Alice's Law
~ Travel is affordable with a different fiew of how to spend money
Brittany ~ Take a sketching trip to the North of France
California Zephyr ~ A train trip in the Vista Dome through Glenwood Canyon, Colorado
Fayetteville, NC ~ Visit an historic North Carolina community in the winter
Traveling With Fear ~ Inspite of a world filled with dangers, find the courage to travel
Fitness ~ Keep your blood moving on a plane or in the airport
Food ~ How to travel long distance with a gourmet dinner for 40
Garden ~ Spend a day in the spring traveling through your own backyard
Valley of the Giants ~ An easy Oregon hike through 51 acres of of growth Doug fir
Humility ~ Take the camera away from your eye and become part of the scene
Lithia Park ~ A visit to a city park in Ashland, Oregon
Monet's Garden ~ A day visiting Jean Claude Monet's Garden, Giverny, France
Mt. Lassen ~ Travels in Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California
Nye Beach ~ Settle into the Nye Beach neighborhood in Newport, Oregon
Oaxaca ~ A sketching trip to the southern tip of Mexico
Turtle Sanctuary ~ Visit El Centro de la Tortuga, Mazunta, Mexico
Volksbad ~ Pamper yourself at the public baths in Munich, Germany


Last updated on November 6, 2015