Dianne's Costume Gallery

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An internet search scored directions
for a chef's hat. The apron pattern was
drawn on newspaper and transfered to
navy blue pinstripe.
"COOK" is hand embroidered.
(# 0127)

Flash! of the Justice League
Pajamas of fleece,
boots and lightening bolts
of swimsuit fabric.
(# 0138)

A blue sparkle cape and
a Tigger costume? Why not?
(# 1746)

A cape, a sword in a sheath,
and underwear
....A well dressed superhero!
(# 1995)

A yogurt container provided teeth for
the beaver. They were held on with
elastic loops around his ears.
(# 2407)

Rolled fleece became horns and a
ruffle was triceratops' sheild.
(# 2415)

A sparkly cape can
go with anything, even
a Monster's Inc.
construction hat.
(# 3731)

Half of the logo is sewn on, the other
velcros over the zipper. Swim suit
fabric is perfect for capes,
shimmery and swingy.
(# 3799)

Some fake fur, vinyl for the belly,
and voilá, a gorilla. All full-body
costumes were made
with the same pattern.

Swim suit fabric was stretchy
enough that his arms were
not hindered by the bat wings.
(# 3803)

Silver lamé ears and
bat wing markings brought a gasp
of delight and made him
visible at night.
(# 3804)

Her favorite animal
is a cow. The pajamas were made of
fake fur, the belly of pink fleece,
and the udders are pink glass buttons
Her boots even passed as hooves.