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Parenting can be gentle and effective.
300 gentle and effective columns are available and can be provided on a weekly or monthly basis.
Unless the column has never been published,
reprint rights are offered.
All manuscripts are under 500 words.
New titles are added regularly and photos are available.


Help Make the World A Better Place!


Turning Point ~ How to keep temper tantrums from becoming a way of life
Halloween Costumes ~ On-demand costumes
Mother of A Soldier ~ Reflections on letting go and holding on

After Christmas ~ Make a plan to avoid post holiday stress
Attention Span ~ Watch a 15 month old stay focused for over an hour
Breast Milk ~ Donating to the Breast Milk Bank
Biting ~ How to stop a biting toddler and, perhaps, terrorism
Carrot Lesson ~ Listen carefully before you leap to conclusions
Christmas In January ~ Holiday cheer can happen on any day of the year
Courtesy ~ "Thank you" is heartfelt when it is automatic
Crying ~ A pocket guide to translate your infant's crying
Disaster Preparations ~ Avoid the fear factor when planning for emergencies
Fair? Nothing Is Fair ~ Life is not fair, we just have to learn to deal with it
Fixing ~ New is not always best
Happy New Year ~ Thoughts for another year
Kids First ~ Do you want to be remembered for a clean house, or....?
Pacifier ~ How To Handle the "Sucky Thing"
Readiness For School ~ What else is causing low achievement in the schools?
Reading, part 1 ~ How to teach a four-month old to read
Reading, part 2 ~ How to teach a four-month old to read
Rules ~ Where do the rules live?
Sharing ~ Giver permision NOT to share
Tame A Hitting Toddler ~ How to use "Loving Inattention" to stop the hitting
*Toy Survey ~ A way to find just the right gift
Whining ~ How to lovingly stop the whining
Winning Games With Children ~ How to be a good loser


Last updated on November 6, 2015