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A simple letter from Santa saved Christmas.
A simple letter from Santa
saved Christmas.

Boba Fet

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How Santa Saved Christmas
by Dianne Roth


This could have been a Christmas nightmare. My six-year old wanted Boba Fet, the “StarWars” bounty hunter, for Christmas. He wanted nothing else. He told Santa. He wrote to Santa. He called 1-800-Santa. That was fine with me. Christmas would be easy.

Not so. Boba Fet was the toy of the season. He disappeared shortly after Thanksgiving!

What was Santa to do? Would he put life and all other holiday preparations on hold for the toy that happened to be in fashion? Or,would he disappoint my child? For a fleeting moment, I planned a harried trip to the city to give Old St. Nick a helping hand: leave the kids with a neighbor, drive 80 miles, hit all the stores, home in time for dinner.

In another moment, I recognized my lack of energy, lack of time, and lack of $25.00 to put gas into the old pickup to get a $4.00 toy. I did not go.

But, what of a little boy who was sure Santa would not let him down?

The answer was surprisingly simple. You see, we believe in Santa Claus. On Christmas morning there was a letter waiting for my son in his stocking. It went something like this:

Dear Ryan,

It has been a busy year. I have traveled around the world watching all the children growing and playing. I have enjoyed seeing you turn into a delightful six year old. I was particularly happy to see how nice you were to your brother when he cut his finger and how you share your legos with friends.

We have been very busy making toys. I got your letter and your phone call about Boba Fet. It makes me sad to tell you that the elves did not have enough time to fill all the orders in time for Christmas. I am sorry, but I will not forget you. Soon, I will make another visit. Some morning, you will awake and find Boba Fet sitting on your pillow.

Thank you so much for the cookies and milk. Gingersnaps are my favorite. I love dunking them in cold milk.

Merry Christmas to all! Love, Santa

On Christmas morning he was disappointed, but not much. Then, without stress, we waited for Boba Fet. He appeared in April. He was wrapped and, with another quick note, Santa thanked Ryan for being so patient.

We celebrated with a special Christmas breakfast... in April!

PS Santa's letter is not copyrighted.

Dianne Roth is a teacher, mother, grandmother, and freelance writer. She lives in Oregon.




Last updated on October 8, 2012