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How To Raise Children You Can Live With,

Baglady Travel Features, and

Miscellaneous Musings


are available to newspapers, magazines,
schools and social service agencies, radio broadcasts, blogs, e-zines.
Columns may be purchased singly or syndicated on a weekly or monthly basis.
All columns and photos will be delivered electronically as PDFs or can be formatted and delivered on your agency's letterhead.
Payment is due prior to delivery unless otherwise agreed.

Prices of columns are as follows:

Newspapers: $25 - $35 per column; $5 - $15 per photo

Magazines: price depends on magazine's publishing guidelines

Radio: price depends on program's airing guidelines

Schools/Social Service Agencies: price negotiated based on needs and circulation; one column per week $500 - $5,000 per year, depending on population and demographics

Parents may download columns for individual use for $1.00 apiece or twelve for $10.00, paid into my PayPal account. Contact me for details.



Last updated on November 6, 2015