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November 7, 2007

It is with great joy that Kevin, Mary, and I are updating this story. As you can see, Molly is thriving and we thought you might like to see some pictures of their life in Oregon as well. So....

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The whole family is doing well. Molly had her follow-up visit with the Portland cardiologist and all the news is good. She does have a lump where her sternum did not get aligned perfectly. When asked about it, the cardiologist said, "But her heart is fixed!" Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?.

Our Hot Ta'Molly sits up, smiles, laughs, grabs toys, puts everything in her mouth, babbles, is learning to spit, and really wants to join in her brothers' wrestling matches. She knows that everyone is putting something in their mouths and she can't understand why she can't have some too. Just so you don't feel like everything is perfect here, she also spits up, drools, rubs the hair off the back of her head, poops green slime several times a day, believes that the world actually does revolve around her, and has developed a cry to prove it.

Generally though, she is happy and easy going. She greets almost everyone with a glorious smile and a full body wag.

Noah started kindergarten and loves it. Nicholaus goes to preschool three afternoons a week and also loves it. Kevin and Mary have their hands full, but their heads are definately above water. They pulled off the first "soup night" last Saturday. Great food, great fun, and great company.

Winter is setting in. The firewood is split and stacked and life is good. Stay in touch and let us know when you are in the neighborhood.

  • Beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing. Rosemary
  • great blog! great looking happy kids!, keep me on the list!
  • Thanks for the update and "hip, hip,, hooray" for Mis hot ta Molly and all her family. We share your joy and thanks,
    Bob and Donna Diehl and Family
  • What a great idea to do this update! Thanks for sharing it. She has grown
    sooooooooo much!!!
    Love, Sandy
  • Thanks you so much for sending the update. The separation of space and time doesn't lesson the concern factor, so it's great to hear and see an obviously happy healthy baby girl! Loved the pictures, too, of the family bond. Molly is one lucky baby....despite the green slime a couple times a day!
    Julie & Koll
  • Dear Dianne, Mary and Kevin,
    You have no idea how thrilled I am to have this update and to see these wonderful pictures. Molly is absolutely beautiful. Is there a healthier looking baby girl on the face of this planet?
    You are so blessed to have three such beautiful children (grandchildren). I wish you all a very special Thanksgiving, knowing that you have so much for which to to be thankful.
    Love, Ann
  • I love this site!! Thank you so much for doing this, Dianne.
    Best, Bart
  • Sure did enjoy the update! Thanks for sharing that with us.
    There was some talk about heading up your way this December but I believe
    we have decided to hold off until next summer sometime. Traveling with
    Lucas just isn't that much fun and summer is great for car camping. Who
    wants to car camp when it gets dark at 5:30?
    Anyway, great to get the update and glad to hear that everyone is doing
    Ron Fankhauser
  • Thanks for the update on Molly. What an amazing little girl she is. Truly
    a miracle! Please keep my name on your mailing list, I love reading the
    good news.
    Andrea Andresen
  • What a gorgeous niece we have. To heck with a beauty mark, that is a beauty scar! She looks happy and healthy and the new homestead looks wonderful. Love to Nick & Noah too.
    From Auntie Fotch
  • Thanks Dianne!
    It's great to keep up with all of you.
    Love, Heidi

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Born with a double chin, Miz Molly looked like she would soon take down her brothers a notch or two..

Big Brothers, Nicholaus and Noah, were anxious to have her join them on the ball field and bicycle track.

Before the end of her first week, Molly took a turn for the worse.  

Molly's ET toe and wired for sound


Hospital Transport for Big Brothers (No, Janet and Mike, not for grandparents!)


Mary, getting to hold Molly.... finally!


"space age transport" How to get to Stanford

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Get Well Soon, Molly

From Everybody at Lassen Volcanic National Park

Nicholaus and Noah decorating Father's Day Cookies at Old MacDonald House

Molly, day 13....Whew!

New digs! 3rd Floor comfort!

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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

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