June 12, 2007, 2:10 PMPDT, Tuesday


Molly is in surgery. They took her in at noon today. It is so good to know we are all holding hands together. Warm thoughts to all and back again. I got the call this morning as we were enjoying preschool in Chester. Just got home, fed the hungry hippos, and logged on. I will update as I can. We have preschool graduation tonight but may have some wireless in Chester to get the new info out. Love to all. Dianne


9:30 PM, Tuesday night:

Molly is out of surgery. All went well. She is on minimum drugs and the closing, which can be iffy, was done with no problem. Kevin and Mary are meeting with the doctor in a half an hour. Kevin will call and give me more information. I will get it passed along as soon as I can.

Woo Hoo!!!


10:27 PM, Tuesday night:

Molly is a star! She was in surgery for 7 hours. There is apparently no swelling which made the closing so easy. She is sedated and will remain sedated for 24 to 36 hours. There can be no chance for her to move around and open the wound. She is on the ventilator and has drain tubes. Kevin and Mary are heading to Ronald McDonald House to get a full night's sleep. They have expressed the desire to be with her as much as possible and the belief that their presence will help Molly recover more quickly. They have been assured that, as soon as it is safe to do so, they will be holding her as much as they want.

Good Night to all. D

June 12, 2007, 11:40 PM PDT, Tuesday