Saturday was a quiet day in the hospital. Mary and Molly spent time together while Kevin and the boys snagged some pool time with Aunt Boom. Colin and Aiden have high range squirt guns that everyone enjoyed. Laundry was washed dried and folded. It is the little things that make us feel grounded these days. Uncle Cris and Aunt Pat invited the gathered clan for dinner Saturday night. Hot dogs, lemon chicken, corn on the cob, "butterfly noodles", and fruit shortcake. It was delicious. The great challenge of the evening was keeping six 5-and-under boys out of Cris and Pat's beautiful new fountain and pool. It was sooo inviting!

Guests of honor, Grandma and Grandpa (Bedbug, Lawnmower,.......), were fashionably late and eagerly welcomed. They stayed at Boom's for the night.

First phone call this morning we learned that transport would be today between 11:00 and 1:00 mid day, today and that surgery would be on Tuesday. Ten minutes later, transport was postponed because there is still no bed at Stanford. All of this makes accurate and timely updates iffy. I have discovered that updates can be uploaded from inside of my car if I park close enough to the coffee shop.

Just got a call from Mary. Molly is still doing well but will receive a transfusion before being transported. Her hematocrit is low and they want to get that up. She is going to have a bath and get sweet smelling for the docs and nurses at Stanford. Molly loves her bath. She calms and lovingly remembers her other life as a fish.

Matt graciously provided a technical translation of Molly's problem and the surgical procedure. Also, he gave us a Stanford website dealing with congenital heart defects.

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