Late Breaking News: I just got this from the Lassen Ski Patrol. Pass the word along.

June 28, 2007, 6:27 PM PDT, Thursday.... Day 20!

Hi all. Just got a call from Mary in Sacramento. Molly saw Dr. Wright today and Mary had a phone consultation with Dr. Reddy. Both are pleased with her recovery. She weighs 9 pounds, 5 ounces, which is 2 ounces more than her birth weight and about 3/4 of a pound more than when she left the hospital. She has been on a diuretic to keep her heart from having to work so hard. She is to be weaned off that over the next five days. Molly will need to be seen by a pediatric cardiologist in Portland in two months. We still have to wash our hands to hold her and keep her protected from colds. So...., all is well. We have a beautiful little girl who is doing well.

How about some non-medical updates: Molly eats about every two hours, more in the morning. She thinks sleeping time is in the evening up until about 10:00. She thinks that the only place to sleep is in someone's arms, in a sling, or in the wrap that holds her to Mary or Kevin's belly. She stares into faces (especially Noah and Nicholaus), is very engaged with the dangling toys that hang over her little chair, and loves to be talked to or sung to. Mary and Kevin read little books to her and, even now, she seems to enjoy them. It is telling that Molly has returned to her laid-back self. However, when Kevin and Mary took her back into the hospital at Stanford, she cried and cried. Did she know? And.... she poops! ....real poops! It took her over a week to get all the miconium out. That should have happened in two days! We are talking excited!!

Noah and Nicholaus are amazing brothers. They vie to be the one to hold her and cradle her little body with tender hands. They often come to her to give kisses or caresses and they talk to her in sweet little boy voices. Yesterday, Nicholaus sang "Red River Valley" to put her to sleep and, later, Noah sang "Down By the Creek." Molly is a well loved little sister.

The King Groh family is pulling up roots and replanting them in the Coast Range of Oregon next Friday and Saturday. They are excited about the move and sad to be leaving. They are fairly sure they will be able to keep their same cell phone numbers and, of course, email address. You can always get in touch through this web site. Don't be strangers. From Mineral, it is only seven hours at 75 miles per hour. I know because I have driven it so many times.

I, too, am sad not to be returning to Mineral. I have made some good friends here and I hope you will use my extra bed when sailing up and down I-5. You are always welcome.

As I said earlier this week, I am not going to be posting daily updates any longer. Check in with Kevin and Mary for visits and call to hear them brag about Molly. If you send messages, I will post them to be included in the book I will make for Molly. I have no doubt that all of the people who checked this web site and held little Hot Ta' Molly in their thoughts, changed the outcome of this near-tragedy. We can't tell you how much we appreciate your love and support.

Ta Ta Hot Ta' Molly!