June 25, 2007, 7:55 AM PDT, Monday

In case you didn't notice, Grandma Dianne took a day off. I drove through San Francisco on a beautiful sunny day, stopped to do some sketching at the viewpoint just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and spent the night with Annie, a friend of Kevin and Mary, whose family has a house in Cloverdale. House meaning a 1900's farmhouse on the banks of the Russian River. It has been lovingly restored and renovated. A grand home, good food, wonderful people, and a swim in the river restored the spirit of this tired grandma. Gratitude to Annie.

Last night I spent with my old friend Lucy in Chico. It is incredible how valuable the people in our lives become when we have a brush with tragedy.

Kevin and Mary spent the weekend settling back into a 'routine' that includes a newborn. Kevin made it to his gig in Chester on Saturday and on Sunday the family spent time at Lake Almanor with friends. They are so happy to be home! They have an appointment with Dr. Reddy in Sacramento on Thursday for a check up. I will let you all know what the results of that meeting are.

On an administrative note: Since we are out of the woods (medically) and into the woods (physically), I am not sure how much Ta' Molly news there will be. I may end up just talking to myself, .... I am thinking of reorganizing it a bit and printing it out as a book for Molly when she grows up. She will be touched by all of you when she hears how much she was loved.

I am not sure there is much use for the site now, particularly if no one is waiting with bated breath for the next update. It has been a fun project for me. It kept me busy, out of the way, and feeling useful without hovering over Molly. I will leave it on the web indefinitly, but may not be adding updates on a regular basis. If you want to add notes for Kevin and Mary, feel free. I will put things on the page as long as I get messages from you.

I feel like I belong to a large network of loving and supportive family and friends. Thank you for helping Ta' Molly.

With love, Dianne