June 21, 2007, 10:01 AM PDT, Thursday

We all woke up on this southern California morning! Hey, we're looking for 'news' here. Molly seems to know that life will be calmer and saner than it has been. I was sleeping in the room next to her's, and didn't hear a peep. Mary woke Kevin up this morning and said, "She is fed and changed. I am going back to bed." She got to sleep until about 9:00 before Molly was rooting around, looking for something that only Mary could provide. If you didn't see the dressing on her chest or know what the last two weeks held, you would just think we were a normal family on a visit to the bay area.

The schedule for returning to Mineral is still up in the air. Taking care of Molly seems easier when you know the surgeon is only 15 minutes away. Mineral seems so far from the medical support that saved her life.

Mary and Kevin talked with Dr. Reddy on Wednesday. He told the nurses, "Get her out of here! She doesn't need to be here!" And, off we went. He also told Mary and Kevin to make an appointment with the Cardiologist at Sutter Memorial in Sacramento for next Thursday. Dr. Reddy is in Sacramento on Thursdays and will be there to check on Molly himself. "You gotta love him," said Kevin. We are all so grateful to all the doctors who had a hand in diagnosis, snap decision making, and her recovery, but to have Dr. Reddy in charge of her surgery was how the cards were dealt and we got a winning hand.

See you all soon.

PS Congratulations to Bart!

Check out this link to the announcement of his latest award at the

New York Book Festival.

(Latest meaning that he may have won the 25 yard relay in second grade. What do I know!)

Hip Hip Hooray!