June 20, 2007, 8:18 AM PDT, Wednesday

Kevin just got a phone call from Mary. Apparently Molly is not gaining weight the way the doctors would like. They are waiting for the lab results and watching "Vamos Diego, Vamos". They are in a comfortable room and so waiting a day or so more may be a blessing rather than a set back. Stay tuned.

11:00 AM PDT, Wednesday

Today's word is that she is ready to go except for still being on the antibiotics. The surgeon will be in around 1:00 this afternoon. Molly will be free to go 24 hours after the end of her course of antibiotics. So near... yet so far.

11:40 AM PDT, Wednesday

We are outta here! Kevin and Mary will be having lessons on Molly Care! We will be checked out by 3:00-5:00 this afternoon. Then we will stay over in Palo Alto for another night or two, then it is Mineral or Bust!

11:11 PM PDT, Wednesday

We are officially checked out of "Old MacDonald House" and settled into Weenie's house for at least tonight. We had spaghetti, a game of ball tag, and comfort vibes from Miz Ta' Molly. She seems to understand that her ordeal is over. Now we just have to sort out the directions for her oral antibiotics. We should be able to do that. Sleep well.