Miz Hot Ta' Molly's Makin' A Comeback!

June 17, 2007, 10:24 PM PDT, Sunday

After deciding to disregard MapQuest's route to Stanford, Noah, Nicholaus, and Dianne arrived in Palo Alto in record time only to get lost following the MapQuest directions off the Dumbarton Bridge. Aunt Weenie talked us through a safe landing in the hospital parking lot. Hugs with Mom, Aunt Weenie, Cousin Shannon kept us in the underground parking garage for a long time. We checked in with a very serious security guard and made our way to Molly's room. There is about 5 feet square of foot room with a curtain around it. There are four "rooms" like this in one room the size of a large living room.

It was feeding time when we arrived and Molly was nursing. That is a landmark we all were waiting for, especially Mary. Molly weighed 9 pounds, 3 ounces when she was born, today she weighs 8 pounds 13 ounces. Lungs are still clear and she is only hooked up to monitors. She is doing it all on her own! She has tylenol for the pain. Kevin says her incision is about 4" long, down the center of her chest. We suspect it will grow with her and end up being about 10" long. Remember, her heart is about the size of her fist, a three week old fist. Feel the center of your chest. The bone you feel is your sternum. The surgeon cut through her sternum to get to that miniature heart last Tuesday, five days ago. Today, her sternum has already knitted back together.

They are talking about discharge "in a couple of days"! Isn't that amazing? When I took her from Mary, Molly started pitching a fit. Mary said that Molly thinks I am a nurse and gets upset about getting poked and prodded. The "Gramma Song" (it's my secret magic) calmed her right down. She slept comfortably in my arms for nearly an hour, but as soon as Mary walked in and said anything, Molly started fussing. I had to hum loudly to mask Mary's voice as she read a good night story to Noah and Nicholaus. She has got good hearing!

One of the questions I frequently get is about Molly's future medical issues. I think I talked about this earlier, but here it is again. In theory, she will have no residual medical issues. Her heart is fixed and her aorta has been modified to carry the quantity of blood necessary to live a full, active life. When she leaves here, she will go home as a normal newborn.

The Palo Alto Connection needs to be noted. Aunt Weenie and.Aunt Foxy have been in and out of the hospital since last Sunday. Shannon and Aunt Weenie were at the hospital to greet the medical transport from Sutter Memorial and Shannon has been the resident gofer all week. Luke was on hand for a tickle fest when Noah and Nicholaus arrived and while he didn't want anyone to know he enjoyed it, there were some tiny upturns at the corners of his mouth. Can't fool us!

And, after driving for two days to get down here from Long Beach, Washington, Mike and Janet have rallyed 'round Mary and Kevin and Molly. They left Saturday, only after they were sure everyone was in good hands.

While it is true that you have to walk the path alone, family and friends make believing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel a bit more believable.