Miz Hot Ta' Molly's Got the Beat!

June 16, 2007, 7:26 PM PDT, Saturday

Just a quick update: Molly has had all of the tubes removed from her chest. Monumental! She has a little tube into her nose (sorry, I forgot what it is called) that feeds oxygen at the lowest dose. She is breathing on her own. She did develop an infection and was going to be put onto antibiotics. The Dr. Reddy showed up and Kevin showed him what they were concerned about. Above the sternum there was a pocket of pus in the incision. Dr. Reddy opened it up, squeezed it out, re-bandaged her and said, "Don't worry, she will be okay," and took off. It sounds like a scene from a sitcom, but Kevin seems to feel they are in capable hands. Molly is breathing, beating, eating, and pooping. Everyone is delighted. I have been asked if they are able to hold her. The answer is yes, but she is not allowed to nurse because they cannot manipulate her enough to get her into position. Mary is pumping and giving breast milk in bottles.

Both Kevin and Mary are looking forward to Noah and Nicholaus coming to Palo Alto. We are leaving tomorrow (Sunday) to head to the bay area. Noah and Nicholaus are amazing. In an instant, their mom and dad and new baby sister are gone. It has been nearly two weeks that life has been in upheaval. It is obvious they miss their parents, but you would be amazed at how they can still have fun and deal with the situation. We made wishes the other night. Nicholaus wished that "mom will come home." Both boys have different ways of coping. Noah has been quiet and thoughtful, Nicholaus a bit more bouncy, trouncy. Both look longingly at the computer when I show them pictures of Mom and Dad. I think the credit goes to Mary and Kevin for being able to raise up children who are resilient. I am so proud of them all.

  • You are indeed an impressive Grandma! Someday Nicholaus & Noah will remember all this, in their own ways of course, and be amazed. What an incredible journey this has been for everyone.
    '...and a little child shall lead them.'
    Blessings on you, the boys, our well-loved Mary & Kevin; Molly is indeed one tough cookie, Deo gratias!
    Incidentally, have any of the Kings mentioned to you that years ago our own Cameron (Malcolm & Marilyn's firstborn, now living in Texas) was born prematurally in Stanford/Palo Alto? 4+ lbs. & very fragile... an extremely frightening experience, especially then, without space-age advancements. What a stroke of luck to have them available for Herself, the Tamale!
    We're still thinking of you, as you pursue your Grandmotherly vocation...hang in there!
    Sheila & Mel
    How they saved Cam at Stanford was one of our King family Miracles.